Monday, November 3, 2008

May the best man win

Trey has taken a real interest in the elections over the last few months and we are not really sure why. A few weeks back we were getting ready for Jeff's softball game and Trey asked if Barak Obama was going to be there? How do you answer that one with a straight face? Over the weekend Trey was in rock star mode and was singing 'John McCain is so cute, John McCain is so nice', still looking for a straight face. The best was tonight as I was getting stuff ready for dinner and there was a political ad that came on and Trey says, 'Mom I want a Barak Obama toy for Christmas'. I finally laughed and said, 'I don't think they have toys like that' as he shrugged his shoulders and said, 'that's fine I'll have a John McCain toy instead'. HAPPY VOTING!!


LauraLee said...

This is one blog that I laughed out loud about! I think you should get him an action figure for Christmas!
By the way I am glad you liked my Walker Tower post. I am sure you will be watching for it each time you head to Utah!

Paul and Suzy said...

I love it! Trey is so funny!

Colleen said...

That is seriously the cutest thing ever!