Sunday, January 10, 2010

Showered Pink

While we were in UT my sisters threw a baby shower for me. It was so much fun to have a girls night out with these wonderful woman. To me, all of them are great examples and I am so glad that our little girl will have them in her life too.
We were spoiled with the most darling blankets and outfits. Right when we got home I hung up all of the little outfits in the closet, it's so weird to have some pink around here. Thank you ladies for a WONDERFUL evening!!


Sarah said...

Yay for pink! :) That blanket is soooo cute. Frogs and flowers? Katie would go nuts. Two of her favorite things. I can't wait to see your baby girl, and hopefully meet her!

Deah said...

Why am I so short when I am standing next to your sisters? I am glad that my blanket made it on there! Here is my new website: