Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fantastic 4th of July

The 4th of July is seriously one of my favorite holidays and I think that is because my family has so many fun traditions. Because we've lived in 3 different states since moving away from Utah, this was the first time our kids experienced our crazy family traditions and we loved every minute of it!

On the eve of the 4th my WHOLE family gets together at my mom and dad's to set up tents in the backyard for the big sleepover.
Before the night is done we stuff ourselves with smores and snow cones.

Even after a very late night everyone is up at 6 am to go down and see the hot air balloon festival. 20 kids, and Andy, piling into Grandpas truck is the most exciting way to start the day!
I love these pictures of Kaden & Avrey! It was like nothing they had ever experienced.

That afternoon we headed to my sisters house to play on the worlds biggest slip n' slide!

Kaden made a new best friend with my niece Keena! The evening of the 4th we had a huge BBQ and Uncle Andy brought his motorcycle to give all the kids a ride. Kaden was so excited for his turn with Keena and from that point on could not be separated from her!

That night we all went down to the grounds outside of BYU's Lavell Edwards stadium to watch the fireworks. As if the kids had not had enough sugar we watched the sun go down while sipping squeeze its, eating popsicles and treats.
If there is one thing my family know best it is how to have a great time!!

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Sarah said...

What an awesome 4th of July! And trip to Utah, it looks like you guys had such an awesome time. I still can't believe that Andy is your brother-in-law, what a small world!