Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Sun

 Over the holiday, we took the kids to Surf Beach about an hour north of Santa Barbara. Guess we got tired of our local beaches and needed something different. So, while a lot of our family and friends are digging out of the snow, we weren't!
 Snow, I mean sand angel.
 Kaden's teepee.
 Avrey always putting on a show.
 This was sand dollar heaven. Our Santa Barbara beaches don't have very many so it was a lot of fun to go searching for them here.

 Trey's running back moves on display trying to get past mom, not a chance!
 We all had a blast playing around on the dunes as well. The kids found a new use for the boogie board since we were a little hesitant to let them go in the water with the bigger waves...see the final picture for our reason why!

 I guess sitting wasn't enough...
 Like father...
 Like son's...
 I guess I wasn't brave enough to try surfing, maybe next time.

 Who knew snot mixed with sand could be so cute?
 This location is pretty isolated, and with the cooler weather we had the beach to ourselves which made for a lot of roaming and running around. 
 Looking for a few last sand dollars before packing up.
We'd heard stories, but with the sign giving us no doubt, there was no chance we were letting the kids get in the water too far. The waves though, were really fun to watch and much bigger than we were used to. When we told the kids we were taking a little trip to a different beach they weren't so sure, but they're already asking to go back!


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