Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas a week away!

A few photos to show us getting ready for the wonderful Christmas holiday! While asleep Kaden was singing, 'all I want for Christmas is SEVEN teeth!' Poor little guy had seven teeth, 3 being molars, coming in all at the same time. For 3 days he wouldn't eat or sleep so any time he did finally sleep we left him where ever he landed! 
Trey and his friend Logan played Angels in the Nativity for the ward Christmas party! I am not sure if you can tell but I don't think Trey is too excited about his outfit??
Sitting on the "Big Guys" lap took a little convincing this year. We had been telling Trey for the last little while that if he was bad then Santa would bring him a rock for Christmas. Turns out Trey was really scared that he was going to get a rock and wanted nothing to do with Santa! Once he saw that the other kids were getting treat bags he quickly changed his mind.
Setting up the Christmas tree. Trey was so proud of himself that he got to put the star on top!
Kaden being a good little helper with the lights!

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