Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Fall Day

How can you not FALL in love with Colorado when it is this beautiful? We had a great drive in the mountains this past weekend and saw all the beautiful fall colors. Or, I guess I should say color since everything was yellow but it was amazing!

We had a great picnic lunch and did a little hiking around Breckenridge ski resort. A little weird to be hiking in the mountains at the end of September in shorts, but we're not complaining.
On the way home we drove over Boreas Pass that used to be an old railroad depot. The boys loved it of course! At 11,500 feet, we were all getting light headed.
It was so beautiful and only made us wish that I had a hot apple pie and homemade vanilla ice cream waiting for us when we got home!
Avrey was sick of being in her car seat with an hour left until we got home so out of a moment of desperation we gave the DVD player a try. Looks like we might have to invest in another player before the next road trip!


Michelle G. said...

So pretty! I love fall!!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous of your beautiful fall weather! It has been SO HOT here! It doesn't feel like the fall at all. I love all the yellow. What a beautiful place!

Entretodoesto. said...
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Joy said...

I love the tree lined road, it's beautiful!