Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snow Day At Last!

A few weeks ago we walked out of church to a blizzard. The boys were so excited until we got home and I told them since it was Sunday we couldn't go out and play. I promised that if they went to bed fast there would be plenty of snow to play in first thing in the morning. Sure enough we woke up to another 6 inches of snow and school cancelled. The boys were excited about the snow but 10 times more excited that Daddy got to take a snow day too!
Jeff and Trey shoveled the walks and driveway and then made this darling snowman!
Kaden on the other hand LOVES eating snow so he didn't last as long because his face got too cold. Avrey and I enjoyed watching from inside and had the hot chocolate ready when the boys came in.


LauraLee said...

Kadens face shows how cold he is. I bet they are just loving the snow!

S said...

oh my goodness the pic at the top of your blog is so darling! miss you all and sorry to hear that Jeff has strep - hopefully the rest of you will miss that bullet!
i love that the girls were inside watching the boys freeze! :)

Deah said...

Snow days are great!!! I had one too! Right before Christmas break! Too bad I drove all the way to my school to find out it was canceled!

Joy said...

I love the snowman!! It IS darling!

Sarah said...

I love all the snow! It looks like so much fun, and is so pretty. I'm a little jealous of you guys and all of your seasons! :)