Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Simply Wonderful Christmas Time

Every year Christmas turns out to be such a magical event and this year was no exception. I always have to take one last picture of the tree and stockings before the destruction begins.

All time favorite photo is always the one that captures the kids faces as they see what is under the tree!
Trey was speechless, yes for the first time in his life, when opened a Wii from Santa. We are still trying to remind him it was a "family" gift however he believes otherwise.
Other highlights for Trey, Broncos shirt, Legos, football & remote control truck!
Kaden on the other hand was VERY disappointed in Santa's work. He had specifically asked for a Bumble Bee Transformer that transformed into a car and the guy so you can see from the picture why he was so upset that he only brought him the guy. Before he had even finished unwrapping it he started crying and hitting his gift. Once we were able to calm him down, and signed him up for an anger management class, he was happy with the gift and willingly opened more.
A huge sigh of relief when mom and dad gave him a Bumble Bee Transformer that was a guy and a car!!
Avrey was so excited to open presents and made sure she opened all of her all by herself. She was very excited about her new baby stroller and sat in it the rest of the morning to open her gifts.
She also loved her new baby doll, Elmo shirt, Barbie doll, and necklaces.
My parents always send the life saver gifts!! Everyone gets their favorite box of cereal that gets devoured once we are done opening gifts. We love it!
I love that Christmas was on Sunday this year. Once we enjoyed the fun of Christmas and a nice big breakfast we got all dressed up and headed to church to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.
Thank you Gram & Grandpa for the darling Christmas outfits!
Needless to say we had a wonderful Christmas and are so grateful for our many blessings!


LauraLee said...

They are so cute and the excitement shows in their faces!

S said...

The story about Kaden is too funny. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas!

The Castleton Family said...

i think that first picture of the tree magical mezmorized me as i couldn't stop looking at it!! seriously, did you sprinkle magic on that tree?? :0) i loved looking into you the lecheminant christmas morning...what fun!!! and what great pictures of each kid in front of the tree!

Lisa said...

I love Kaden....whe you told me the story I couldn't stop laughing...i loved the pictures even more.

Sarah said...

Haha, love Kaden. That might be a Christmas story he will be hearing about for a long time ;) It looks like you guys had a wonderful and magical Christmas. I can't believe how handsome and grown up your boys look in the pictures before church!