Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Let's live here...we'll rent to start"

This summer ended on a busy note for us so although we are behind on blogging we have been having a lot of fun so I can't complain. Back in August we decided, kind of last minute, to run down to Monterey for a few days. We had heard that it was a great place and after being there for only 2 days Jeff and I were ready to a buy a house. Okay not really since the townhouses start in the low millions but we could always rent to start!
We stopped at Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove to watch the sunset that was really pretty. This lighthouse sits on a golf course and is actually the oldest lighthouse on the west coast that is still in use. I love this picture of Kaden's fat little finger pointing the way! 

Carmel beach was another great stop. Our boys love the beach and the sand was so clean and the waves were huge. At one point we were wading our feet and this huge wave came in. I was holding Kaden and before I knew it the water was up to Trey's chest and covering our blanket at the same time. I was so worried that Trey would be scared after that and he just laughed and thought it was a great time.

We also took a ride down 17-mile drive which is a beautiful road along the coast. It was not the best drive for kids who get easily car sick!! This is the house that we stopped at for Trey to throw up; we call it, 'Castle de la Puke'!
Cannery Row is a cute little shopping area. It used to be a whole bunch of sardine canning companies until they over fished and were forced to move. We didn't have too much time here so it will be our first stop next time.
View looking back at Cypress Country Club along 17 mile drive.

Trey's favorite stop was Dennis The Menace park where they had an old steam train that they kids could climb up on. It was such a great park and Trey would have stayed all day if we would have let him. They also had some really fun slides and playgrounds that we tried to make Trey go on but he didn't seem to care about anything but the train...big surprise!!

The Lone Cypress Tree, AKA: The Pebble Beach Logo was another great stop off 17-mile drive. Like Father like son's I watched as my three boys looked out over the ocean wondering what the three of them might have been thinking. 

And last but far from the least Jeff's dreams came true as he stepped out on the greens of Pebble Beach Golf Links, but not for a round of golf. The course is seen in the distance behind Jeff and Kaden above Carmel Beach. I swear for a moment I saw tears well up in his eyes but he said it was just some sand in his eye!! Although I don't understand why in the world people would actually pay $500 to play a round of golf it was VERY beautiful. There were so many things we didn't get to do in the short time we were there so I am hoping we will make it back there soon!
#17 teeing off in to the view of the Pacific.


Paul and Suzy said...

This looks like such a fun little trip. I love Monterey! You took some beautiful pictures! A great family shot of you guys!

Colleen said...

HOW FUN! I think you guys should stay out there. Its much more exciting than here! Your boys are getting so big and Kaden--holy moly! You guys make cute kids!

LauraLee said...

Thanks for the Ground Hog Day quote. I made my day!
That is a beautiful area.