Friday, April 3, 2009

Point Bonita Light

A few weeks ago we spent a Saturday morning out at Point Bonita Lighthouse and at some old army bunkers in Marin Headlines. The boys loved playing hide and seek in the bunkers and getting dirty, of course! 

Our little climbing Kaden was not a huge fan of the lighthouse since we wouldn't let him climb on the railings. There was something about the shear cliffs on the other side that made me worry??? Maybe Kaden was just mad since he saw Trey climbing on the railings right next to a sign that says 'DO NOT CLIMB ON THE RAILINGS'!! 

The lighthouse was so beautiful. There was an old suspension bridge that we had to cross which was a little scary in the wind. They only let two adults cross at a time so we had to wait a while to cross, but it was worth it! 


Kira said...

I don't think I would have made it over the bridge. Bravo. It looks like driving over the Richmond bridge.

Paul and Suzy said...

I went on a field trip with my biology class there. It took so much out of me to cross that bridge. I don't care to do it ever again!